Entrepreneurship Week 2012
For one week, lakhs of people across the country came together to celebrate Entrepreneurship Week India. Designed to build public awareness and support for entrepreneurship, E Week India focuses public attention on today's biggest opportunities and encourages participants to reflect on their role as leaders and innovators. The campaign is led by the National Entrepreneurship Network and supported by the Wadhwani Foundation. Through a range of activities and programs, E Week at Rayat-Bahra organized by E-Cell focused the country’s young minds on making the most from these opportunities.

India’s E Week will continue its focus on inventing the future in 2012. As the country’s economy grows at a break-neck pace, against the backdrop of decreasing technology costs, friendlier government policies and wealthier consumers, it is in die hard need of innovating and creating that paradigm shift in the inventions in near future to unleash all the breathtaking range of opportunities for its entrepreneurs in the fields of green technology, IT, energy and waste management. Through a range of activities and programs, E Week India will focus the country’s young minds and help them to foresee the future.